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Rising Stars 2024: Celebrating 2024’s Emerging Authors.

by Literary Insider

As we step into the second half of 2024, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the rising literary stars who have brightened our world with their exceptional talent and passion. These authors have captivated us with their unique perspectives and compelling storytelling, offering a rich tapestry of genres and themes. From ancient wisdom to contemporary challenges, their works provide a glimpse into modern literature’s diverse and vibrant world. Join us as we shine a spotlight on these remarkable authors and explore the magic they bring to the realm of books.

Meenakshi Mehta, a storyteller and dream weaver with over 24 years of dedication to her craft. From Wellness to Channel Marketing, Experiential Training, and Education, her journey has been a labor of love. A MarCom consultant by profession, Meenakshi is the creative genius behind unforgettable marketing campaigns and events. An avid reader and painter since the age of 8, she carries the colors of life on her palette and countless stories in her heart. Her book, “C for Courage,” is a powerful tale of resilience, chronicling her triumphant battles against cancer and inspiring readers to face their own challenges with newfound strength.

KK, born in a small village in South India, is a global travel researcher, IT engineer, social worker, activist, blogger, anti-corruption crusader, and international political analyst. Writing comes naturally to him, with an award-winning writer for a mother and a journalist father. A self-proclaimed realist, KK has questioned historical narratives and challenged existing dogmas throughout his life. After working with some of the world’s biggest corporations, he left his career to truly live life. His book, “Vial,” delves into a young virologist’s entanglement in a dark plot to weaponize vaccines, exploring the ethical and personal turmoil that ensues.

Crystal David John is an associate professor of economics at Stella Maris College, Chennai, with a PhD in Economics and a strong feminist voice. Known for her unique teaching style, subtle sarcasm, and sense of humor, she captivates her students, inspiring discussions and knowledge. Beyond the classroom, Crystal is an advocate for gender equality, a writer, and an artist. Her book, “Jesus – The Lily of the Valley,” explores the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, highlighting His purity, humility, and ultimate sacrifice. Crystal’s work reflects her progressive ideas and deep commitment to her beliefs.

Vishal Bhanti, an emerging voice in contemporary writing known for his captivating storytelling. With a background in Mechanical Engineering from B.I.E.T, Jhansi, and an Executive Certificate in Leadership & Change Management from IIM Lucknow, Vishal excels as an information technology specialist in Cyber Security and Risk Management. His writing journey began with short stories on various platforms, showcasing his talent for weaving real-life nuances into his narratives. Inspired by nature and everyday life, Vishal believes in the power of books to unite and inspire. His debut book, “Be Your Own Stress Buster,” offers a transformative guide to meaningful living.

Geetha Ramesh, born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu in 1963, is the daughter of Army officer R. Balakrishnan. Her upbringing across UP, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu shaped her diverse outlook. Joining Andhra Bank as an officer in 1985, she dedicated 37 and a half years to the bank, retiring as Deputy Manager in 2023. A poet and philosopher from a young age, Geetha now debuts with her first book, “Divine Will.” This simplified guide to Hindu philosophy emphasizes self-control, stability, and selflessness, offering valuable insights for youngsters navigating self-development in a complex world.

V. Viswanathan, a seasoned Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, and Visiting Professor for B-Schools. With over three decades of experience in senior positions in India and the Sultanate of Oman, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. A Project Management Professional and certified Directive Communication Psychology trainer, Viswanathan enhances team and organizational performance through ‘Colored Brain Communication.’ His award-winning articles and short stories, recognized by the Times of Oman and British Council, showcase his simple, humorous writing style. His latest book, “Beneath the Buzz,” promises captivating stories and insightful articles that inspire and entertain.

Dr. Nalini V Dave, a retired professor from Saurashtra University’s Department of Commerce and Business Administration. With a passion for Vedanta, Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Geeta, Dr. Dave has enriched her teachings with profound insights from these ancient texts. Her book, “Message of Bhagvad Geeta to the Youth,” aims to guide the younger generation through life’s challenges by incorporating timeless wisdom. Whether you’re a student, job seeker, or executive, this book offers practical solutions to reduce stress and enhance joy, making your life more meaningful through the teachings of Bhagwan Sri Krishna.

Farhan Kardame, author of “Breaking Free: A Guide to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Thrive in Life,” combines over two decades of finance expertise with his recent credential as ‘The Incredible You Coach.’ A CMA and committed Toastmaster since 2018, Farhan excels in public speaking. His transformative journey began after a career setback in 2017, inspiring him to write “Breaking Free.” This book offers practical guidance to overcome limitations, drawing from his personal experiences. Farhan encourages readers to embark on a self-discovery journey, embracing positive change and lifelong learning, with “Breaking Free” as their empowering guide.

Jamir Ahmed Choudhury, an Associate Professor and Academic Research Scholar, is dedicated to exploring “Solidarity Rights in Islam.” Passionate about education and scientific inquiry, he self-financed his long-term natural science project without relying on public or government funds. His scholarly work defies conventional norms, focusing on fundamental truths and natural laws. Jamir’s upcoming book, “One Day Project Work,” showcases his innovative approach to cognitive science, as first exhibited at Srikishan Sarda College in Hailakandi, Assam. The book aims to inspire scientific temper, humanism, and a spirit of inquiry in the new generation, emphasizing education’s sanctity and scientific certainty.

As we wrap up our journey through the literary landscape of 2024, we’re reminded of the transformative power of storytelling. The authors we’ve featured have not only entertained us but also expanded our horizons and inspired us with their words. Looking ahead, we’re excited to see how these rising stars will continue to shape the world of literature and enrich our lives with their stories. Stay tuned for more literary gems and talented storytellers, as we look forward to showcasing even more emerging authors in the coming months.

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