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“When I write anything I always introspect my own life, I find a lot of examples there.” | Aruna Joshi Exclusive Interview

by Literary Insider

Aruna Joshi is a passionate writer, heading the editorial department of a leading publishing house in Mumbai. Her area of work is spirituality, self-help, and personal growth. She left behind her successful 18-year practice of architecture to follow her purpose which is to bring about a positive change in people. Through her counseling sessions, she has helped many people to take their relationships to a new level and to lead a happy and regret-free life.

Today we had some glimpses of our conversation with the author of Subtle Art of Dealing With People

This is your third book, so while writing this book did you have a ‘writers block’? If yes, how did you overcome it?

It is very common for a writer to face a writer’s block. I also face it often. There are a few ways I overcome the block. When I feel that there are no new ideas coming in or I just don’t know how to move ahead or the writing is not coming out up to my expectations, I just close the file and leave it for a few days. In the meantime, I engage in other creative pursuits such as painting, sketching, crafts, or even cooking. That works well for me to overcome this block and most often I get some ideas. Or sometimes even going for walk, or reading or discussing on the topic I am writing also works wonders.

Your book helps our generation, but why did you choose this genre, why not fiction?

I have never ventured into fiction, although I intend to one day. I love stories and even in the books I write, you will find a lot of stories. My work has always been in the area of self-development. So, I also end up writing in that genre.

You work as well, so what is your writing schedule like while you are working?

For me writing is effortless. I believe that writing just flows through me as if I am a medium. Sometimes I am also amazed when I read the writings I do, which are full of deep insights and in such a flowy style. The best time for my writings is when I wake up in the mornings. I am not an early riser, but the time immediately after I wake up is the most fertile time for me to write; and a cup of my ginger, lemongrass tea enhances the mood.

You have given personal examples of overcoming things. Yet, what was the most difficult part for you to write?

When I write anything I always introspect my own life. I find a lot of examples there. And I believe that ‘one must practice what one preaches’. So, I evaluate each and everything I write in the book. Only if I follow the tips, can I offer it to the readers. In that regard, the difficult chapters were ‘How to deal with Difficult People’ and ‘How to handle Criticism’. These two chapters took the longest time.

How long have you been planning for this book and how did you plan the titles of the chapters?

I have been writing this book for three years. I wanted it to be a self-help book that has hands-on tools and techniques drawn from my personal experiences and stories and that are practical and easy to use by anybody. So, the chapter titles start with “How to..”. For eg., there are chapters like ‘How to connect with people’, ‘How to say No’, How to be master the art of listening’ and so on. Each chapter ends with ‘Key Takeaways’ and ‘Try This’. The uniqueness of this book is the inclusion of the tips to deal with people in the digital age.

Are you planning your next book yet? If yes, what is it about?

Sure. I will keep on writing as that is my passion. I have a few ideas for my future books. Can’t talk about it now, but my next book will be in the space of self-help and motivation only.

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Price: Rs.265 (Paperback)
Pages 198
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